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Heronglen Home Staging

This suburban newer home was completely rehabbed and updated but it needed to be dressed up so Cardinal Designs used really clean, modern, transitional pieces of furniture to help compliment the space.

All of the furniture we used had unusual curves to them. The theme we were going for in this house was “inviting.” From the dining room chair backs to the curve on the chaise lounge and our favorite curve of all was the sofa that had a completely rounded back and arms, this home makes a buyer want to come in and see more and maybe even sit a while or draw up a contract on this home 🙂

One of the biggest challenges in this home was the area under the stairs. Not to worry! We had a perfect piece of furniture that created a great focal point and was a conversation piece, an old telephone chair which was reupholstered in a modern geometric fabric  A “weird” space turned into a “wow” space. That is what our team loves to do. 

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