Tampa is a historic city of Florida, founded in the early 1800โ€™s by a small Cuban population. Originally known for Hispanic cuisine, culture, and famous for hand-rolled cigars, today Tampa is well-known for its tourist attractions, warm weather, theme parks, beaches, breweries, nightlife and Gasparilla. In the heart of Tampa exists a patch of historical Victorian neighborhoods such as Old Seminole Heights, Riverside Heights, Tampa Heights, Old Hyde Park, Davis Island, and Ybor City. This is where Cardinal Designs has made their nest.

In 2008 – 2009, Tampaโ€™s real estate market hit an all time low after the bubble and crash of the early 2000s. In 2011 โ€” Cardinal Designs began professional home staging services for leading local real estate agencies such as Keller Williams and Leslie Sibbitt. Since then, the local real estate value has steadily increased with the help of their joint efforts. According to Fortune Builders, โ€œThe Tampa housing market recovery is incredibly localized,โ€ and we are proud to be part of that recovery. Today, Tampaโ€™s population has grown to 385,000+ and counting with the entire Tampa Bay at 2.7 million, and no decline in sight.

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Recent Home Staging Projects in Tampa

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