Renovating your home can boost its value. However, you need to ensure that you are making upgrades that will provide the returns you seek.

Cardinal Designs has access to, and solid relationships with, construction experts in the area. Most notably, the owner, Rebecca Schleifer, is always onsite to ensure that the process goes as planned and desired. If you are seriously considering renovating your house prior to selling it, Cardinal Designs is ready to assist you. We agree with Bob Villa, who suggests five ways to focus your remodeling and renovation efforts in order to gain the greatest return on your investment:

  1. Upgrade the kitchen
  2. Add a fresh coat of paint
  3. Follow the market trends to see what people are really looking for
  4. Utilize neutral colors
  5. Don’t spend too much
Master Bathroom 1

Various Home Renovation Projects

Recent Home Renovations by Cardinal Designs from 2014 and prior. View galleries for various home renovation projects in the Tampa Bay area.

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