Red Barn and Farm Dog

In Her Words

When I was growing up in a small town in Tennessee, my mom’s family had a phrase that I heard constantly: “The barn always looks better painted”, meaning that something should always be presented in its best possible light. I could say the same for a house. The name of my company is Cardinal Designs.  It was chosen because the word cardinal means “of the greatest importance; fundamental.   Cardinal is also the name of a bird in nature that is bright red.   It stands out in its vibrant color and sings a beautiful song for anyone passing by to hear and appreciate.  I enjoy making a home that I stage stand out and call attention to its uniqueness and beauty.
Rebecca Schleifer

To Stage or Not to Stage

Often homeowners who wish to sell ask Rebecca if staging a house is even necessary.  Her response is always an emphatic “Yes!”  She knows that by creating an inviting environment it shows potential buyers how wonderful the house can be.  Emphasizing the home’s  best features is where staging comes in.

The red bird in this picture definitely stands out! This is what Cardinal Designs does as a company. We help make a house stand out and be noticed.  We have staged over 700 homes successfully, helping owners/realtors get offers by making their nest the best!

Red Cardinal Bird in Snow

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