Cardinal Designs and Consulting Inc. is a full-service Interior Design, Home Staging, and Renovation company serving the Tampa Bay Area.

Our Process is the thing that makes us unique

Results are really the only that matters in staging….and people don’t want to walk in a house and it feel like it is stale, or someone just threw some rental furniture in a home..they want it to feel “alive, warm, and in a nutshell like home.”

Not all home stagers are alike. Some rent furnishings and some have stores and use their own merchandise to stage with. We believe this really isn’t the thing that separates stagers amongst themselves. We think no 2 houses are alike and every house has qualities that make it unique and need to be called out and every house has some qualities that might need to be downplayed.

Since we have been in business for over 5 years and the staff has been trained in visual merchandising, architecture, interior design and has been certified in staging this makes us very unique in our approach. Starting with talking to the homeowner, the investor, or the real estate agent we begin gathering feedback on the home. What they loved about the home, why they bought the home in the first place, how they used the space and what vision they have for the house. Then we talk to the realtor who is ultimately the one who is selling the home and ask for any input they might have.

Next we put our heads together and formulate what might be best suited in terms of the furniture and look of the home. We try to create “a story” for each house we do. It is very collaborative among these players. What is important is actually in the details. The details push the home over the edge to make someone want to buy the home. We spend hours thinking about the home before we even start staging it. If it has a mid-century feel, we throw in some really cool period pieces. If the home is an older bungalow, ultra contemporary just won’t work. We throw in some rustic, older pieces.

Then the fun begins. Every staged home is a little different. We curate and collect items to fit the personality and story of each home and then we go to town. It generally takes 2 days for us to get the furniture in and staged, but sometimes it is just a day, depending on the scale of the project.

Since image is everything we have some trusted photographers we highly recommend as well once the home is ready. We consider them a secret selling weapon as well. 92% of our homes sell within the first 60 days and for close to asking price.

“Make Your Nest the Best!”

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I had a vacant home that was on the market for over 30 days and the offers that came in were too low. Within 3 days of Cardinal Designs staging the home, the house had an offer over the asking price.

Kim B, Homeward Realty

Tampa, FL

Cardinal Design has exceeded my expectations in every way. I am a flipper and decided to try Rebecca out on a project. Now I refuse to put a home on the market with out her design consultation and staging assistance. She is a valuable member of our team and I only wish I had started using her services years ago. Very professional, prompt courteous and a delight to work with .

Dave O’Brien (House Flipper)

Staging really works. A week after listing my condo it was under contract with a cash buyer for 98 percent of list price.

 Bill Ruffing, Homeowner

Tampa, FL

Project Manager

Cardinal Designs did a great job on our investment property. They were prompt, competitive in their pricing and very responsive in communication. They did such an amazing job that our house sold in just two days after we listed! We will partner with them again for our next property.

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